Linking your YouTube Account to Apple TV

I love my Apple TV.  There are so many useful things you can do with it. About half the time we are in front of the TV we are using Apple TV.

One thing that always bothered me was that I couldn’t sign in to my YouTube account. It is really a lot easier to find YouTube videos on my computer than on Apple TV. I wanted to be able to find something while at my computer and throw it into my YouTube favorites and watch it later. But whenever I tried to enter my account information for my account on the Apple TV it would tell me that my username or password was incorrect.

The message I get is:

“This account cannot be used with Apple TV. Try using a different account.”

What different account? After digging through forums I found the (somewhat convoluted) solution.

1. Turn on two-step verification.

2. Turn on application specific passwords 

3. Create a You Tube Channel.

Not sure if ALL of the above are necessary, but doing all of them worked for me. Note that when when you are entering your username and password, you will STILL get an error message stating that they are incorrect. Enter your username just like you did and THEN enter your two-step verification code in the password field.

This is the type of interface we get when Apple and Google don’t get along.